Creative DIY Built-in Dresser

Being short on space and storage in your room? Thanks to the creativity of the DIY enthusiasts, we can always find something to fit our space and expand our storage capacity. Here is a nice DIY project to make a built-in dresser. Isn’t that cool?

How to Transform An Old TV Cabinet Into A Play Kitchen

Thanks to the creativity of DIY enthusiasts, repurposing old furniture has become very popular these days because it’s a nice way of recycling and a cheaper way to own a new functional piece of furniture. If you have an old TV cabinet that doesn’t quite fit your new flat-screen TV, then here’s a great DIY project for you… Read More »

DIY Canvas Hammock Style Baby Swing

Time flies so fast. My boy is already 6 years old. I still remember the days when he was a little baby. We used to live in an apartment near a large and beautiful park. Everyday I took him to the park in the stroller and he was always excited to be outside and enjoy the sightseeing.

DIY Hanging Porch Bed – How To Build.

Hanging beds and swing bed designs are now bringing this cool little feature into everyone’s home, backyard, patio space and any other place you can conjure up around your residence. They stylish, classy, seem to be a touch above the rest in terms of design and offer great visual contrast.

How to DIY Aquarium Coffee Table

My kids love to go to the aquarium and see the wonderful world under the sea. I had always wanted to make a small aquarium at home to entertain them.