Monthly Archives: November 2015

Apartment in a sleek, dark tones in Berlin

The exciting interior of the apartment “Nomad” is an homage to Berlin and its vibrant and creative diversity. With a spacious area of 150 square meters, the interior of the apartment, located in the heart of Berlin, is definition of dark brown and gray shades and wood as the basic material that is woven around… Read More »

Tips to transform the hall into a pleasant space

The hallway is the first room that is visible upon first stepping into the house and it should reflect the character and style of the rest of the home. Even the smallest hall can be transformed into a pleasant space with a little color on the walls, striking commode or under an unusual texture.

Invisible house

Flexible concept home that adapts to the owner and location. ,, Casa Invisible ” (,, Invisible Company ”) is a flexible concept for housing, designed by the studio Delugan Meissl Associated Archtiects. The project was developed in 2013 and reflects the concern of the architects of greater interaction between buildings and their surroundings, trying to… Read More »

Palazzo Di Amore | The most expensive villa in America

“Palazzo Di Amore” (“Court of Love”) is a villa located in the luxury Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and is considered the most expensive villa in the United States. However, this grandiose villa has a destiny that just did not allow to sell. Its price until a year ago was a whopping 195 million dollars,… Read More »

Chandelier with lace

If you lack ideas as decorations to add to your home for the upcoming holidays, we present an interesting chandelier which you can easily do it yourself. Lace appearance will give a special warmth and will light your space. A true delight for the holidays. You need only a balloon, lace, glue and creativity.

Christmas Bike

What could be more fun than to go around the city on your bike and see all the wonderful New Year’s decorations and lights? We can remember only one thing … Be creative and decorate your bike in style New Year!

Luxury champagne glasses

In the spirit of the golden tones of autumn, the trends in home arrangements is not in terms of the power of this color. For today’s DIY challenge, concentrating on the glass champagne glasses, intending to use a golden paint for their shot in order to achieve a luxurious effect. Who says you have a… Read More »

Snowman of sock

No snow and want to make a snowman? It is not impossible. Quick and easy, this is a DIY project that can delight your children and the beautification of your home in anticipation of the holidays.

Mini paper trees

Festive euphoria not only not gotten a whole, since 2016 is a new threshold: slowly sensed excitement in the air, then it is time to roll up our sleeves. Today, our DIY proposal consists in making the decorations that will not only use to flavor the Christmas tree, but you want to decorate your entire… Read More »