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How to clean the floor?

Continuing a series of articles with tips and ideas for cleaning. Today’s article is about cleaning the different flooring without using (or with minimal use) of harmful chemicals, and with easy to find and environmentally friendly products. Why not try?

Winter magic at your home

Idyll festive and celebratory atmosphere in the living room. The calendar beginning of winter, it’s time to recall why this age applies to most magic season of the year. Festive celebrations and holiday décor are the most beautiful prelude to the arrival of the last season at home, full of joy and love sharing with loved… Read More »

Modern holiday ideas for decorating the house!

Winter festivals and the New Year holidays are before us. Time to start with preparations and solemnly winter decorating the home. Traditional Christmas decorations make Christmas warm and cozy atmosphere in the home, but if you’re a fan of modern design entry and you are a fan of knitted socks and sugar sticks, hard to find… Read More »

“Do It Yourself” Christmas gifts

Christmas and New Year is usually the favorite holiday periods in the year, and the exchange of gifts and presents only a partial share in it. Although the main point of the holidays is a rapprochement with family and friends, have a stake in the euphoria and elation decorating, baking Christmas cookies, preparing the Christmas… Read More »

Garden decorations of old cases

Old items that you no longer use through recycling or apcikliranje – conversion without being processed factory – could find new applications not only in interior design, but also the exterior. One positive thing from the global financial crisis was about waking limits which reaches consumerism, leaving the trend to constantly buy new and repurposing… Read More »

From old wine glasses to charming candlesticks

Kitchen shelf is full of old glasses that do not use, but still want to take? Spare them from the trash and recycling and do mini lamb  and candlesticks for the house and gardens. For very small budget and a small work of old glasses that just take up space, they will completely beautify the home.

Ideas for Christmas tree

Holiday home arrangements are generally based on the traditional style of decorating natural or artificial Christmas trees with colorful decorations, bows, ribbons and sparkles. However, if you want to pull off the traditional style, or you do not have a Christmas tree in the new home, there are more creative ideas on how to perform… Read More »

Decorative patterns for cookies

The attractive and warm festive atmosphere would not be complete without a delicious and appealing food served. Everything revolves around the smallest details that contribute to the beauty of family lunches and dinners. If you have no idea how to decorate simple cookies and sweets, or buy ready-made cookies from the bakery, and want to… Read More »