Monthly Archives: January 2016

10 creative ways to use clips

Perhaps primarily clips for hanging clothes, but the possibilities for their use in household really are multiple. Today we find 10 great ideas for creative use of clips.

Create a unique bag of old book

These bags conquered the fashion scene and became a trend among celebrities.But you do not spend a fortune on such a fashion item will show you how with a little effort you are unable to do your book-bag. We need a few tools and a little imagination.

Make It Yourself: put cushions in sweater

The most pleasant space where everyone is comfortable home. This extra cold season “Warm” the atmosphere in the living room, with decorative cushions will give different look. Each autumn wardrobe are updating with the new sweaters,  and old are forget them. Not to be left without any purpose, try to “put” the balls of your home sofa.

Make yourself: plaid flannel scarf

With the cold weather came and warm jackets, sweaters, hats and scarves. Shallots except not shine, is one of the key accessories that your style can be raised to a higher level. This year will be the fashion of flannel checkered scarves that you can combine with any style.

Refresh the hat with fur details

Temperatures slowly descending, and day by day we are introducing new winter fashion details in everyday dress. Hats, scarves and gloves give you heat and may even fashion details that adorn our style. Because the jewelry during the fall and winter is not seen under clothing layers, so it makes sense these accessories our most… Read More »

How to take advantage of the high ceiling in the home?

The apartments with high ceilings create an impression of luxury.Rooms with high ceilings at the same time offering enormous scope for creativity, but many people do not know how to use it. Therefore, we offer you some creative ideas on how to effectively use the space above you.

Fix the damaged clothing and footwear – quick tricks

Everyday life brings before us a number of minor problems when it comes to wardrobe and shoes.Because of such problems often jump many clothes or shoes because we think there is no redemption for them. See 12 fabulous tricks to repair destroyed, torn and stained clothes and damaged old, misshapen shoes.

Neon Colors: New Fashion in Home Decor Trend

A lot of people are using  neon colors as the new fashion and improve  home decor because they make things become happy & attractive to many friends.  It can be pretty affordable to update the wardrobe with a few pieces of neon and your home can look more bold and striking with a bit of neon.  These… Read More »