Plastic packaging use as decor

By | February 22, 2016

Plastic packaging as decor doityourselfhub

Instead of empty used plastic bottles throw in the trash, you can use them for making decorative items for your home. With a little bit of will, imagination and creativity, they can make curtains, partitions, pet feeder, hanging flower pots and vases, boxes for pens …


Brand designer Michel created the curtain of material that most people consider trash. It is, in fact, cut the base of plastic bottles in the shape of a flower, ošmirglala connect them, making an unusual curtain – Flowerfall.

“I used plastic bottles, because it is far more challenging to work with existing forms and materials. The inspiration for the floral curtain got platike exploring adhesive labels. Grade I this material before I wondered what to make of it. Applying krativan design and artistic skills acquired I transformed the old bottles into something very nice and helpful, “she said.

Flowerfall be used as a curtain, but also as a barrier or decorative installations. Plastic “flowers” can be done and lampshade for a lamp. It is necessary that only carefully connect the pieces in a circle and you get a whole striking lampshade. Also, the “flowers” may be the same or different colors.

“For the design of plastic bottles and the subsequent promotion of expended billions of dollars. But when the liquid in them drank and remain empty, they are superfluous and throw in the trash. So I want to challenge this paradigm. The philosophy of my design is at the same time my philosophy of life style, “said Brands.

And really, it’s amazing how much we can do with the material that we thought to throw. It takes only a little will and creativity to the old, worn-out things transformed into functional objects for the home dokraciju. For example, PET can attach the lamp or chandelier with LED lights and enjoy the interesting play of light.

From plastic bottles can make a shelter for your car, fence for garden, flower pots, stand jewelry boxes, pen, feeder for your pet, and even stool.

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  1. Tammy Roberts

    They are fantastic creations congratulations on your creative mind and a fantastic way to recycle. I’m a recycleaholic so this is right up my alley


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